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I'm pretty excited to present the NEW subscription easy flow service Bandcamp have introduced. It's seriously the most meaningful way to give support to the independent, self-financed artists that you enjoy and wish to see continue to publicly release new music. It is honestly the BEST and most sustainable way to show you care enough.

With your subscription you'll receive a lot more music, my ENTIRE Alien Skin back catalog (albums from 2008-2016) for a start, plus high resolution downloads of EVERY future Alien Skin release including my NEW 2017 up-coming album '1980 REDUX'. That's a massive amount of music instantly available to you, well over 100 songs and counting!

As an Alien Skin subscriber you also automatically receive a 20% discount off EVERY Alien Skin factory-pressed CD. Be prepared also to get exclusive unreleased subscriber-only tracks, VOICE REMOVED instrumental versions of released albums and whatever else I may think of over time.

For your paying support I sincerely am appreciative, and as such, Alien Skin subscribers get my direct attention first and foremost above all casual fans:)

PS It's a two way relationship, if you think of something extra you want, let me know - if it's reasonable it's yours.


What you get:

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* Downloads are DRM-free and available in MP3, FLAC and more.
Alien Skin
Melbourne, Australia
Alien Skin is veteran 'Real Life' keyboardist George Pappas. From the million seller SEND ME AN ANGEL in the '80s to cinematic atmosphere today - sharing the musical sensibilities of Martin Gore, David Bowie & all things sensuously mysterious & emotive. For those who enjoy the beautiful, the surreal & dark romanticism in electronic music, this is home....

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